Adventures in Singing!

Adventures in Singing!

Adventures in Learning, a program housed in the Manhasset-Great Neck EOC, was pleased to announce the start of a new program created by local student, Carys Hyland, called Adventures in Singing.

Hyland is a member or Tri-M Music Honor Society for voice, sings with the Manhasset High School Symphonic Choir and has been invited to perform at local events including a local fundraiser for Tuesday’s Children, as well as singing the National Anthem and God Bless America at both the Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies at Mary Jane Davies Park.

The program was a way to share her love of singing combined with her musical training with underserved children in the community.

Hyland stated “I feel very fortunate to have found singing as it has been a wonderful outlet for me. I hope to teach the basics and perhaps inspire some children to continue singing throughout their education. The Manhasset School District has amazing resources and wonderful music teachers. If I can inspire one child to continue singing and learn fundamentals, I will be thrilled.”

For over 50 years, Adventures in Learning has offered children in kindergarten through sixth grade a place to come after school for fun, guidance and academic assistance. Throughout the years, Adventures in Learning has served hundreds of local children, making a difference in the lives of underserved youth who would otherwise be without assistance during a critical time in their development.

Hyland proposed her idea to her chorus teacher, Jared Berry, who was very enthusiastic and offered his assistance.

Hyland then contacted Polly Haas, associate director of Programs for Adventures in Learning, who then helped with the logistics of setting up the program. Carys currently teaches approximately 15 students in second and third grade.

The program introduces the basics of music theory, notes, pitches, rhythm, voice training, and performance style.  Each week the students are taught a familiar song that has been adapted to keep the students engaged, including using karaoke, and based on the reaction of the students this program is likely to be one of the most successful.

Hyland has found it extremely rewarding to work with her eager students and looks forward to continuing with the program and has created it to be sustainable for the future.

Hyland is requesting donations to pay for costs related to procuring the sheet music and related supplies.

Donations can be made through Adventures in Learning’s website at or by check payable to Adventures in Learning (please include on the memo line Adventures in Singing) and mailed to Polly Haas, associate director of programs, Adventures in Learning, P.O. Box 1054, Manhasset, NY 11030.

All donations will do directly to Adventures in Learning and are tax deductible.

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