All Things Real Estate: Agent should dress for success

All Things Real Estate: Agent should dress for success

It has come to my attention lately that people are utilizing different fashions when dressing and going out to do business.  The pandemic has truly made a drastic and in some ways a quasi-permanent change in one’s perception as to what is appropriate and not appropriate to wear.  The impression that this may make on your current and future clients could have a significant and grave impact on your earnings.

Since so many are conducting business from their home office, dress codes have gone out the window.  Now that almost everyone is out and about once again, I have noticed more and more that people in many industries have been more relaxed and laid back when it comes to how they are dressing and also their general hygiene, especially during business hours.

I may not be totally correct, but from my personal perceptions, observations, and experiences since 2020 through today, I have seen less dressing up and more dressing down. I am not criticizing anyone for the way they are dressing, but it appears to me that there is less concern or worry about how one looks overall.  I see people who don’t shave regularly, wearing wrinkled and sometimes soiled pants and shirts.  I also see the trend of ripped pants as a style and fashion statement and that is obviously a personal choice.  I even have a pair of ripped jeans, too, but I choose the moment and environment that I feel is suitable to wear them.

Business still dictates to a certain degree an acceptable dress code that will provide you with an optimistic and successful look in the eyes of your customers.  A full 90 percent of the battle is to gain the acceptance of your clients and the need and want for them to like and continue to do business with you.  In business people generally don’t get a second chance at a first impression, so dressing properly is the way that will provide and leave your clients with the best possible impression.  This, in turn, can aid in the elevation of your potential future income.

I have seen agents with old, tired, and worn-out clothing that needs to be replaced and upgraded.  Even their hair is not properly styled or at best combed and their beards are not trimmed. Don’t get me wrong, as these occurrences and instances aren’t the norm. Most agents are dressed well, especially the women, whose tastes and styles are usually impeccable. So without their shopping skills, our current economy would be even worse and really be in the pits!

It is really important to look in the mirror every day and ask yourself, “Would I buy from me if I were the client?”  I hate to say this, but there are times when I have met some agents and noticed that their breath, let alone the way they were dressed, was truly unbecoming and repulsive and I had to take a step back or pivot to the side a bit so I wasn’t hit with the stale and absurdly foul air.  I wanted to say something, but out of consideration and sympathy for all involved, I didn’t, but wanted to finish the showing ASAP!

I wondered whether they could have made a small effort to brush their hair and teeth, let alone floss on a regular basis. It never ceases to amaze me how there are business people who go out in the world so unprepared to meet their most important entities, their sellers, investors, purchasers, and renters without the foggiest thought of what they project or look like to others.  Everyone needs to dress for success and learn to elevate their incomes in 2023 and beyond.

Just as a side note, we have a real estate sitcom that my good friend, professional comedian, and business associate and partner Rick Allen wrote based on my 42 years of real-life real estate experiences and research.  We are in the process of gearing up to produce the show in the near future.  It has an extremely hilarious character named “stinky Bob” as well as others who keep you laughing.

It will be one of the funniest shows ever as I am hoping to team up with my first cousin Chuck Lorre, consummate producer and the “King of Sitcoms” of “Young Sheldon,” Mom,” “Bob Loves Abishola,” “2 ½ Men,” “The Kominsky Method” on Netflix and so many more hilarious shows over the last 30 years.  Over the next several months, I’ll keep you posted as to our progress and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for our endeavor and the success in reaching millions having everyone laughing once again and putting smiles on their faces!


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