All Things Real Estate: Good air quality essential in your home

All Things Real Estate: Good air quality essential in your home

Your health is extremely important in contributing to the quality of your life. Since breathing is a 24/7 function of living, healthy air within your home or apartment is a crucial factor in that process. Having dust and organism-free air contributes to a healthier environment as well as keeping viruses at bay with the proper setup and will make for a more positive atmosphere. Moreover, if you have children, this will contribute to their well-being, causing less congestion and potential illnesses.

Most new homes are so well insulated and airtight that unless windows are open regularly to allow fresh air to come in, the environment can become stale as we constantly breathe and exhale the same air. Ceaning hot air and CAC ducts periodically will minimize the accumulation of dust and potentially harmful organisms.

Due to the clay content of soil on the North Shore of Long Island, it is difficult for water to percolate down through the earth. This can cause a mustier and potentially moldier habitat, especially in basements without dehumidifiers or air purification systems; and for some, this can contribute to annoying and nagging allergies as well as breathing difficulties, which can be a daily challenge.

But be aware there are companies that use mold as a major health hazard and selling point in scaring homeowners into spending inordinate sums of money to fix a problem that may not be as serious as it seems. Many times all one needs to do is wear an N95 mask when cleaning surface areas with Clorox bleach to remove mold. However, if there is mold inside a wall, then more intensive remediation may need to be done. Due to the potentially expensive undertaking, it would be prudent to get a few estimates before making a decision.

(CDC) has very pertinent information about mold that you can read here:

Generally dying from mold usually isn’t a real risk, unless it is tested and found to be of high levels of mycotoxins, Talaromyces marneffei, Aspergillusfumigatus or Stachybotrys chartarum origin and you are immune-compromised, have serious health issues, extremely serious breathing problems or have AIDS. Since we’ve all experienced the pandemic over the last 2-plus years and are spending more time inside this winter and currently dealing with all the variants, especially with the increase of flu, RSV, and Covid, having clean air within our homes should be a priority for healthy living.

During the winter months having a humidifier in your living areas or as an attachment to your hot air heating system or placing a bowl of water by or on top of your hot water radiators will provide helpful moisture to your breathing passages and to your skin in minimizing dryness.

Air pollution in and outside your home is still a major health problem for many people today as we continue to create our energy from the burning of fossil fuels. Controlling the quality of the air inside your home can be very purposeful and beneficial.

There are superior devices that will safeguard and clean your air from whole-house filters to less costly units that will provide adequate coverage for your home. Consumers Reports, which is an independent nonprofit organization, assists consumers with making decisions on products from A-Z by providing accurate, truthful, unbiased, and transparent information. They have tested and compared the most current air purifiers for 2023 so purchasers can make a decision on what makes the most sense. Here is a link: Protecting oneself and family in staying healthy and happy in this New Year should be of utmost importance going forward and to reduce any potential illnesses that might occur.

Living in your home with clean fresh air will provide your family with a safer healthier environment for years to come and hopefully minimize and eliminate health issues and doctor visits. Lastly, when the time comes to put your home on the market, it will be a bonus selling point. You will be confident in providing your buyers the added value to the home that has been cared for and that they will experience healthier air. inside the home. As they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Again, I want to wish everyone a healthy, happy enjoyable, and more lucrative 2023.

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