All Things Real Estate: Real Estate designations and their importance in hiring a broker

All Things Real Estate: Real Estate designations and their importance in hiring a broker

I hope every mother had an enjoyable, fun, and relaxing Mother’s Day and was pampered as they should be every day; for without them, the world wouldn’t exist.

Many consumers and homeowners have always asked me what my designations mean and what the benefits are for them when considering hiring me.

My first designation was a G.R.I. which I earned almost 20 years ago, which is the Graduate of the Realtor Institute (a version of a real estate MBA), online link   GRIdesignation. 

It encompasses 90 hours of continuing education (8 modules) beyond a brokers or salesperson’s license and the course allows you up to 5 years to complete. Included are advanced financing, negotiating, statistics, technology, legal and regulatory issues, current laws, procedures, professional standards, market knowledge, handling sellers and buyers, the sales process, business skills, prospecting, MLS, systems and tools, and much more.

This designation provides you with what is needed and necessary to be miles ahead of those who do not seek the required education to scale their businesses. Median income was $61,000 compared to $31,000 of a non-designee in a study in 2012, the last time a study was done by The National Association of Realtors; and is most likely higher in 2022, but there are no stats to go by.

The knowledge, expertise, and professionalism that is learned go far beyond what the typical Broker, Associate Broker, or salesperson currently knows and understands.

The Certified International Property Specialist) online link: CIPSdesignation is the next extremely important and crucial designation that a Realtor should consider undertaking to gain a wide spectrum of knowledge about various cultures and their specific and varied customs.

Having comprehensive knowledge about major cultures, e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Muslim, Spanish, and others provides the groundwork to enable one to easily assimilate and handle those families and individuals that have specific customs and mannerisms.

Some cultures kiss each cheek; others will hug or shake hands.  Women are handled much differently and not knowing the custom when meeting, could cause an embarrassment and a loss of a very valuable client and potential sale.

Many years ago, I recorded our instructor, David Lauster, (who was the head person at the Department of State, who constructed, upgraded, bought, and sold our U.S. Embassies around the globe), who conveyed a story about a Chinese couple, who were relocating to Florida to manage a Marriot Hotel. It is hilarious.

To earn your C.I.P.S. designation, one must complete two core courses and three elective courses and submit your designation application demonstrating 100 points of international experience.

All courses are available online or in person and are valid for three years. Courses completed more than three years prior to the submission of your application must be retaken to receive credit towards the education requirement for the designation, online link: CIPSdesignation.

The “Green” designation, link: Greendesignation is offered by the National Association of Realtors.

his prepares you to gain a vast knowledge of energy efficiency and sustainability about low carbon footprint construction, solar heating and electricity savings, geothermal heating and air conditioning, the new cutting-edge 3D-printed foundations, and much more.

My son, Matt is a lead certified project manager in New York City and practices all these types of construction with buildings that are labeled platinum, gold, or silver by adhering to very strict and comprehensive building codes and regulations.

The economic savings are substantial and the reduced impact on our environment now and in the future.  All states and cities will adopt these stricter codes for all building construction in the future.

Our environment dictates what needs to be considered and makes it a necessity to have the least effect and stress on our globe.

Earning the GRI, CIPS, and GREEN designations will go a very long way in enabling Realtors to acquire and achieve greater knowledge and be on top of their game for the future of construction and our fragile environment so we will leave the next generation as prepared as possible in dealing with the ever-changing weather, increasing temperatures and the serious effect on humans, animals, and vegetation.

Lastly, earning your C.I.P.S. designation and learning how to properly address and deal with the various cultures and their habits, when selling, investing, purchasing, renting, and leasing residential and commercial properties will be a valuable asset in your toolbox.

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Philip A. Raices is the owner/Broker of Turn Key Real Estate at 3 Grace Ave., Suite 180 in Great Neck.  He has 40 years of experience in the Real Estate industry and has earned designations as a graduate of the Realtor Institute and also as a Certified International Property Specialist as well as the National Association of Realtors  “Green Industry” Certification for eco-friendly construction and upgrades.  For a free 15-minute consultation, value analysis of your home, or to answer any of your questions or concerns he can be reached by cell: (516) 647-4289 or by email: [email protected] and visit our site:  https://WWW.Li-RealEstate.Com

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