All Things Real Estate: Tax breaks and creation of new low-cost housing

All Things Real Estate: Tax breaks and creation of new low-cost housing
Philip Raices

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s concept and ideas of creating 800,000 units of housing over 10 years had tremendous and valuable merit.

However, in my professional opinion as a broker, her plan fell short based on the way, methods, and approach she considered taking.

Usurping and overruling local zoning laws would have created the necessary and required housing, but would have potentially caused overcrowding, depleted and pollutied our precious and fragile water supplies from our aquifers on Long Island, and increased air pollution from more cars on our roads and highways.

Was there time spent analyzing the alternatives of adding those 800,000 housing units?  Did anyone consider all the empty, underutilized buildings throughout New York State?

Construction on vacant land to build “green, low carbon footprint,” self-sustaining rental units, as well as developments, would be a more logical and pragmatic approach to our housing shortage.

Has anyone researched building homes, condos, and co-ops using 3-D Printing technology? This could also reduce the costs and speed at which the final product would be available.  In 2021, Kirk Andersen from SQ4D Inc. “printed the exterior and interior walls and finished the first 3-D printed home in the U.S. in Riverhead in Suffolk County for $300,000.

When observing the process, this was no ordinary concrete but a kind extruded by a huge robot 3D printer and completed in less than 48 hours of print time.

That was considerably faster than the regular way of pouring concrete for construction. The robot printer built 41% of the home and then the normal contractors finished the home with whatever options and customizations that purchasers wanted.

This is absolutely a game changer in lowering the costs of creating and constructing homes and developments.  There is quite a lot of land north of New York City and within the five boroughs to utilize this type of technology.

More important, the reservoirs upstate could support greater construction in and around New York State as they are generally replenished with fresh, unpolluted rainfall.

The state and federal government should and could offer low-cost financing and/or tax credits for developers and pass a discount down to tenants as well as provide grants for first-time home purchasers who stay in the home a minimum of 10 years — similar to what is required on Long Island when a family receives a grant for their home.

Foreclosures could also add to the supply by making it easier for a family to purchase, instead of an investor like myself, by allowing a full inspection in order for grant money piggy-backed w/a mortgage to be issued.

This is impossible under the current way that foreclosed homes are always winterized.

I had previously sent an email to ex-Congressman Tom Suozzi as to how to solve that issue, but never received a response.

My idea was if a purchaser wants to buy a foreclosure and it is winterized, they put up an agreed amount — let’s say, $350-$500 — and then the electric, boiler, and water are put back in service.

This will allow a full inspection to be completed.  Then immediately after, the home can be winterized once again. This will then allow a written mortgage commitment and grant money (currently up to $39,000) to be authorized and issued.

Once this is facilitated, then the closing can be scheduled and finalized.  Lastly, even if the buyer changes his/her mind, the money has already been spent to safeguard all the utilities from winter damage.

Moreover, when temperatures are in the 40s consistently, between May through November, why would there be a need to winterize a home, unless in a location where temperatures are generally in the freezing zones?

This will allow more families and individuals to become homeowners and build roots within the community as opposed to us investors truly building nothing but our bank accounts.  This is a solution that should be considered and adopted into law to the benefit of all consumers looking to build their long-term wealth.  Politicians, are you listening??

Lastly, my hats off to both the Democrats and Republicans in finally coming to an agreement with a two-year plan to deal with and extend the debt ceiling.  Now it’s up to Congress to approve the agreement.

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