Great Neck townhouse development opens after seven years

Great Neck townhouse development opens after seven years

Town officials and property developers cut the ribbon on a 10-unit luxury townhouse development on Thursday, signalling the completion of a project nearly seven years in the making.

Hooshang Nematzadeh, a Kings Point trustee and head of Nemat Development Group, described the homes as being large, luxurious and nicely located between the city and local synagogues.

Nematzadeh said that he undertook the project, known as Townhouses of Great Neck and located along Steamboat Road, to help restore the village.

Hooshang Nematzadeh, president of Nemat Development Group, speaks before a group of friends and officials. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

“The area was so rundown and since I live locally, I felt an obligation. We look at the business from the profit motive point of view, but also, I felt that the area needed a lift,” Nematzadeh said. “There was an opportunity to buy this property from the bank and we took that chance.”

Great Neck village’s Board of Zoning Appeals initially approved the project on Nov. 4, 2010, but construction did not begin until 2013. Nematzadeh previously said that he wanted to wait and offer the townhouses in a better market.

Another reason for construction delays, Nematzadeh previously said, was needing to build a 16,000-square-foot underground parking garage for residents. This took nine months.

Between 2014 and 2016, the development’s alsoconstruction plans underwent many modifications and Nematzadeh’s building permit was extended more than once.

“The Great Neck building department, although one of the strictest we have ever encountered, inspired many of the design features,” Nematzadeh said before a group of public officials, before thanking the department.

Robert Barbach, the superintendent of the building department, said the development needed many layers of approval – namely, the planning board, zoning board and architectural review committee.

He also noted that others were previously interested in the property, but didn’t complete any development before this.

“It was my belief the builder was committed and that he would see it through,” Barbach said.

Public officials from local, town, county and state government pose for a ribbon cutting. (Photo by Janelle Clausen)

Town Councilwoman Lee Seeman, who represents the southwest portion of Great Neck, North New Hyde Park and parts of Floral Park, said she finds the complex to be “absolutely beautiful.”

Nasau County Legislator and Great Neck resident Ellen Birnbaum, who represents the entire Great Neck Peninsula, Manhasset Hills, North Hills and other villages, said she was “very happy” to witness the townhouses open.

For the time being, Nematzadeh said he intends to focus on rentals before subdividing the property sometime in the future.

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