Mixology clothing store offers fast fashion at a local scale

Mixology clothing store offers fast fashion at a local scale
The inventory at Roslyn's Mixology store, which opened in mid-October, is constantly changing, said co-owner Rene Shapiro. (Photo courtesy of Mixology)

Fast fashion is all the rage now. Countless online or physical mega-retail stores capitalize on a market for affordable, on-trend clothes that constantly swirl through social media.

But just a decade ago, before people made livings off of modeling on Instagram, fast fashion was significantly more demure.

And that’s when wife and husband Rene and Jonathan Shapiro were mulling over the idea of opening their first Mixology store, which would operate under that model.

“We didn’t know what it was called at that moment, but we saw a need for fast fashion and a constant changing inventory,” said Rene Shapiro.

Mixology just opened a new branch in Roslyn, its 10th physical store. All of them are in New York and New Jersey.

Almost everything it sells is under $100, and its inventory is constantly changing. Its racks and shelves tend to be completely refreshed every two weeks, Shapiro said.

She and partner Gaby Edwards purchase new items for the store every day.

“You have to be on trend,” Shapiro said. “We follow every Instagram there is.”

Mixology serves women of all ages, and employees work personally with customers to help them find outfits for any occasion or destination.

“Almost every single customer I help has something they need to go to, and, honestly, people just want someone to guide them so when they get home it’s just easy to put it on and go,” said Coralle Zangi, a junior salesperson and stylist for Mixology.

Mixology is not the Shapiros’ first clothing business. Their previous store, Beautiful Girl, had two locations, but was suffering during the recession, Shapiro said.

Her husband thought of the concept for Mixology, she said, which was that one could create a full outfit by mixing both designer and more affordable clothing while still being fashionable.

“People were looking for a well-priced trendy item that looked like you paid $400 for it but you really paid $60, and with social media and everything nobody wants to wear anything twice,” Shapiro said.

Now, that model is exactly what companies like Fashion Nova and H&M use, profiting greatly off of the viral nature of social media to make trends quickly available to the masses.

Mixology too has a booming digital customer-base. Its Instagram is shoppable; posts link directly to its website where visitors can purchase the products in the image.

The company ships all over the world, Shapiro said.

Roslyn, however, is a place where the owners have always wanted to open a store, she said.

“There are so many young families moving to Roslyn right now that it really is a great town to be in,” Shapiro said.

Debbie Kahn was shopping at Mixology’s Hewlett location Friday and was eager to express her love for the store.

“You don’t get as many mom and pop shops anymore,” Kahn said. “I’m not an online shopper. I want to feel something and try it on.”

And Zangi was just as enthusiastic about styling customers like Kahn.

“Mixology is the bomb,” she said.

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