T-Swirl Crêpe officially open in Great Neck Plaza

T-Swirl Crêpe officially open in Great Neck Plaza
T-Swirl Crêpe, as seen here in 2017, is officially open for business. (Photo from Google Maps)

For Great Neck Plaza, T-Swirl Crêpe is a story more than three years in the making.

T-Swirl Crêpe, located at 71 Middle Neck Road, officially had its “soft opening” on Dec. 11, boasting colorful swirls of ingredients wrapped in waffle cones.

Jerry Lin, the operations officer for T-Swirl, said it first signed a lease for the property in November 2015. The construction company then seemed to either “forget or delay” for a long time, he said, even when T-Swirl received its conditional use permit in early 2016.

“We never tried to give up,” Lin said. “We always kept going.”

T-Swirl Crêpe has more than a dozen locations across seven states and one in Canada, according to its website. A plurality of them are in New York.

Lin said the company chose the Great Neck location because many of its customers at the Flushing location came from Long Island because they didn’t have an eatery there – until now.

“We had the location in Flushing and it’s very small and a lot of customers, they came from Long Island. I always thought if so many customers come from Long Island, why don’t we open in Long Island?” Lin said. “It’s perfect for us.”

So far, Lin said the community has been receptive. Many visitors have been from the local schools.

Lin said the Plaza-based eatery uses gluten-free rice flour and does not use shellfish. The custom crêpes are made in front of the customers.

Lin said T-Swirl plans to have a showcase of its full offerings on Monday, Jan. 7.

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