American Jewish Committee’s Annual ‘State of Antisemitism in America’ forum

American Jewish Committee’s Annual ‘State of Antisemitism in America’ forum
Photo by Office of Legislator Arnold W. Drucker

Nassau County Legislator Arnold W. Drucker (D-Plainview) joined concerned residents and faith leaders on Tuesday, Sept. 12 at a community forum in Plainview where the focus was on the American Jewish Committee’s “State of Antisemitism in America” report.

During the forum, AJC Long Island Regional Director Eric Post highlighted key findings contained within the organization’s “The State of Antisemitism in America 2022” report, including the fact that “41 percent of American Jews feel less secure in America than one year ago.

In addition, 39 percent of Jewish Americans are changing “where they go, what they wear, and what they post on social media because of fear of antisemitism.”

In addition to unpacking the data, Post provided attendees with a plan of action for raising awareness about antisemitism and urged the public to always stand up to confront antisemitic rhetoric.

“No American should ever feel intimidated to practice their faith freely and openly. Yet, AJC’s report paints an alarming picture in which that is exactly the case for a growing number of Jewish Americans,” Drucker said. “This is why the AJC’s efforts to educate and empower communities are so important, and I will continue to work hand in hand with Nassau County’s Task Force to Combat Antisemitism to eradicate antisemitism and hatred of all kinds wherever it continues to lurk.”


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