Assemblyman D’Urso meets with ‘Moms Demand Action’ in Albany

Assemblyman D’Urso meets with ‘Moms Demand Action’ in Albany
(left to right) Matilde Simone, Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso and Kay Lustig.

Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso met with ‘Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’ when they came to visit him in his Albany office.

The group, which was founded by a stay-at-home mom, Shannon Watts, in 2012 after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, has worked to oppose gun lobbyists for the past five years.

D’Urso has co-sponsored bills to try and curtail gun violence

The following is a list of bills that passed in the Assembly:

  • A2406 – Establishes a waiting period before purchasing a firearm, shotgun or rifle.
  • A5025 – Enacts the domestic violence escalation prevention act including certain offenses against members of the same family or household within the definition of serious offense.
  • A8976 – Establishes extreme risk protection orders as a court-issued order of protection prohibiting a person from purchasing, possessing or attempting to purchase or possess a firearm, rifle or shotgun.
  • A9958 – Prohibits the possession, manufacture, transport and disposition of trigger modification devices.
  • A9978 – Relates to access to foreign state records concerning previous or present mental illness of applicants for firearms licenses.

Some bills are still pending:

  • A1215 – would make the sale of ammunition for assault weapons a class E felony.
  • A1990 – enacts the “children’s weapon accident prevention act” which creates crimes of failure to store a weapon safely in the first and second degrees.
  • A8980 – provides for a gun violence prevention program in public schools.
  • A8735 – would include attachments to electronic devices within the meaning of the term “imitation weapon.”

The Assemblyman also marched with hundreds of residents in Port Washington, participated in a demonstration in Great Neck and a rally in Farmingdale during the national day of action March For Our Lives to protest gun violence across the country.

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