Bryant Library features local sculptor

Bryant Library features local sculptor
Jeffrey Herschenhous with his sculptures featured in the Bryant Library lobby display case. (Photo courtesy of the Bryant Library)

For the months of May and June, our lobby display case will be home to the beautiful wooden sculptures of Jeffrey Herschenhous.

“My sculptures reflect my appreciation of organic forms and a desire to reduce objects to their simplest formation,” Herschenhous said. “My goal in sculpting is to create very basic designs without ornamentation.”

“Many of the sculptures have a sleekness that compliments their essence,” Herschenhous said. “The animal sculptures were inspired by my lifelong involvement in the field of biology as a teacher of that subject and, even more importantly, by my love of these amazing creatures. The abstract works reflect my appreciation of flowing forms. The sculptures are carved out of various types of wood such as basswood, butternut, tupelo, oak and pine. Each wood has its particular grain pattern which adds to the esthetic of the final work. In some cases, I have used other materials to enhance the piece. In addition, I have created bases for some of my more recent works that continue the theme of the sculpture. I am grateful for this opportunity to share my work with you.”

Thank you Jeffrey for sharing your amazing work with the Bryant Library and the Roslyn community!

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