Chinese and Persian community reps to explain Great Neck’s appeal

Chinese and Persian community reps to explain Great Neck’s appeal
The Great Neck Historical Society invites the public to hear what has attracted the Chinese and Persian communities to Great Neck. (Flyer courtesy of the Great Neck Historical Society)

Great Neck has seen successive waves of immigrants through the years, with two of the most recent cultures adding to the community’s mosaic coming from China and Iran.

Now the Great Neck Historical Society will explore the attraction of the community to newcomers at its next meeting, on Thursday, Jan. 18, at 7:30 p.m. at Great Neck House, 14 Arrandale Avenue.

Else Yung, past president of the Great Neck Chinese Association, Rebecca Yousefzadeh Sassouni, president of the Sephardic Heritage Alliance, Inc., also known as SHAI, and Mansour Aaron Karimzadeh, chairman of the History and Heritage Committee of the United Mashadi Jewish Community, will discuss the attraction of Great Neck and their groups’ involvement in the community since their arrival.

“This program should provide a fascinating discussion,” Great Neck Historical Society President Alice Kasten said. “I invite the entire community to join us for this conversation.” The program is free and open to the community.

Further information about the programs can be found by visiting the Historical Society’s website, or calling (516) 288-6124.

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