Readers Write: Dorothy Feng running for Great Neck Park District Commissioner

Readers Write: Dorothy Feng running for Great Neck Park District Commissioner

Dorothy Feng is running for Great Neck Parks Commissioner for the seat left vacant by Bob Lincoln. She earned an undergraduate degree in Recreation and Hospitality Management, an MBA in Marketing Management from St. John’s University, and an academic diploma in Data Analytics from NYU. Dorothy’s academic background gives her an excellent foundation of skills to bring to the Parks Commissioner role. This foundation includes knowledge of marketing strategies, consumer behavior, management and financial analysis applicable to the hospitality and recreation industry. Her work experience includes being an owner of a small commercial real estate management company, a business analyst for an internet marketing service and a real estate broker. In recent years, Dorothy has shifted her focus towards her passion – community service.

As an independent candidate with no existing ties to past or present employees or commissioners of the Park District, Dorothy is coming to the position with a fresh set of eyes. Besides addressing the ever present need to find additional indoor facility space, Dorothy hopes to explore some other key initiatives if elected. Those initiatives include looking into the feasibility of alternative sources of revenue that include optimizing underutilized park district spaces, introducing different income generating programs and revitalizing the Park District Advisory committees to draw upon the talent and expertise of the community at large, while also providing another channel of communication and transparency with its residents. One of her long term goals for the Park District is to utilize her recreation and hospitality background and work with the other Commissioners to establish an even more welcoming and inviting environment for staff members and residents.

Community service is something Dorothy finds immensely rewarding. As the current Co-President of the Parkville PTO and Co-President of the Great Neck Chinese Association, she has a demonstrated record of public service leadership. In those roles, Dorothy organizes and promotes community and school events and engages with community leaders, teachers, parents and school administrators. Her already established relationships through public service within the diverse Great Neck community will allow Dorothy to effectuate broad community outreach. She is dedicated to serving the residents in Great Neck and is what she currently spends most of her focus on. It is clear that she cares deeply about the town where she lives and wants to give back.

Dorothy is the proud mom of two young children and enjoys spending time playing tennis, taking her kids to the playground, Parkwood pool, ice skating rink and many other Great Neck Park District facilities. Her work ethic, willingness to listen and established record of serving the community would make her a great asset to the Great Neck Park District Commissioner team.

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