Ghost sculptures haunt Herricks High School

Ghost sculptures haunt Herricks High School
Herricks High School ghost art is displayed around the school grounds. (Photo courtesy of Herricks Public Schools)

Herricks High School Student Theater Arts Company (STAC) recently unveiled their latest installation of ghost sculptures around the grounds of Herricks High School. The placement of the sculptures was site-specific bringing the art into the mix of day-to-day student life. The strategically placed ghost pieces can be seen tossing a football across the yard, escaping the sewer, and even borrowing books from the high school library. This series of artwork was created in collaboration with Herricks art teacher Allyson Zebrowski and STAC teacher Rob Gioia.

STAC is a multi-disciplinary arts program allowing students to develop skills and create work across multiple disciplines in the fine and performing arts, including art, music, dance, drama, filmmaking, and creative writing.

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