Girl Scouts of Nassau County welcomes new CEO

Girl Scouts of Nassau County welcomes new CEO
Randell "Rande" Marie Bynum.

The Girl Scouts of Nassau County’s Board of Directors announces that Randell “Rande” Marie Bynum has been appointed as the Council’s newest chief executive officer following the recent retirement of former GSNC CEO Donna Ceravolo.

Bynum, a third generation Girl Scout, brings decades of experience enhancing the efforts of nonprofit organizations.

Her work includes the Girl Scouts of Nassau County and the Girl Scouts of USA, private corporations and media entities with a focus on education, community engagement and youth empowerment.

“Rande embodies the spirit of a G.I.R.L [Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker, and Leader], and the Girl Scouts of Nassau County is delighted to welcome Rande as our new CEO,” Wanda Jackson, president of GSNC’s board of directors, said.

“After conducting a nationwide search, we are confident that Rande will be a terrific fit to lead our council. Her years of experience and leadership abilities within nonprofit organizations—including the Girl Scouts of Nassau County and Girl Scouts of the USA—combined with her passion for empowering young girls will be a vital asset to us.”

Prior to joining the Girl Scouts of Nassau County, Bynum served as independent contractor at PwC Charitable Foundation.

Bynum was also the senior director of outreach and partnerships at Sesame Workshop, where she managed all engagement activities for Sesame Workshop’s The Electric Company.

In addition, she was also the publishing director of family and community engagement at Scholastic Inc.

She received a master of social work with concentrations in program planning, administration and research from Stony Brook University and also holds a B.A. from Binghamton University.

Earlier in her career, Bynum was the Director, Program and Adult Development at the Girl Scouts of Nassau County.

She also worked at the Girl Scouts of the USA, where she was responsible for the implementation of The Dove Self-Esteem Fund corporate partnership and the development of the Girl Scout/Dove Self-Esteem Program.

In her role at the Girl Scouts of the USA, she co-authored the acclaimed workbook “Dove’s True You! – Sometimes I Feel Ugly and Other Truths About Growing Up.”

“I am thrilled to be back at GSNC as your new CEO and delighted to see how this council has grown and changed,” Bynum said. “Over the last 25 years, I have been fortunate to work with the Girl Scouts of Nassau County and Girl Scouts of the USA, in addition to other organizations focused on empowering youth and bringing families closer together. I believe girls thrive by having a place to build courage, confidence and character where they can learn skills that will last a lifetime.”

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