Glen Head School third graders celebrate interdisciplinary rainforest study

Glen Head School third graders celebrate interdisciplinary rainforest study
Glen Head School third graders celebrate their study of the rainforest. (Courtesy of North Shore Schools)

On Thursday, Feb. 15, 2023, third graders at Glen Head School celebrated with their parents, family members, Interim Principal Ms. Dugan and teachers their Rainforest Culmination. For many weeks, students researched Brazil and the Amazon rainforest in their social studies unit that combined learning with aspects of weather and climate as a part of their science learning.

During this in-depth, interdisciplinary Rainforest study, each child chose an animal living in the Rainforest including mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and/or fish and researched his or her specific creature by reading and taking notes. Additionally, the third graders worked on individual, creative projects at home (for example: a diorama, booklet, or poster) which were on display during the celebration.

GH 3rd grade teacher Ms. Niland said, “I think our third graders are leaving this study better readers, writers, speakers, artists, world advocates, and reptile holders! Thank you for all your support along the way.”

At the culmination, the students sang songs and shared with their families and invited guests their completed projects and information about their animal characteristics, food, predators, how they live and survive in the rainforest, and adaptations. Additionally, they showed their guests the walls of their classrooms and hallways which were filled with beautiful artwork resembling an actual Rainforest!

Thank you to all of the third graders and their teachers for this extensive, interdisciplinary Rainforest Celebration!

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