Glenwood Landing second graders have a community culmination

Glenwood Landing second graders have a community culmination
Glenwood Landing second graders had a community culmination. (Courtesy of North Shore Schools)

Second grade classes at Glenwood Landing School recently had a Community Culmination where each child became a member of their community including a veterinarian, doctor, nurse, fire person, police officer, baker construction worker, chef, and teacher – just to name a few!

As part of the celebration, the students sang and acted in their own version of “This Land is Your Land” and “Would You Be My Neighbor.” Additionally, their parents were invited to watch a video about their “Community” study and then come back to their classrooms to read their individual books with their families.

Students not only learned about different communities, but each child researched and created written booklets about their respective members of the community. In class, their teachers emphasized that communities are interdependent and need one another and the people who live inside to remain happy, healthy and safe.

In addition, the second graders studied the following: urban, suburban and rural neighborhoods, rules and laws, goods and services, needs and wants, and public and private places.

Bravo to the entire second grade and their teachers for learning all about their community, singing songs, and working so hard during the months leading up to the culmination.

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