So much more than Stonewall

So much more than Stonewall
Roger Rosen

Great Neck Library is sponsoring an educational lecture on Pride Month. The virtual zoom lecture So Much More Than Stonewall hosted by Roger Rosen. is on June 8 at 11:00 a.m.

Roger Rosen is a teacher, artist, performer, writer, activist, and husband. He began studying Queer Theory on the playground in the third grade when he was more drawn to skipping rope than to chasing a soccer ball.

He currently teaches Queer Theory and Critical Thinking, as well as facilitates DEI workshops, PD training, and master classes (which explore musical theater through a Queer Theory lens).

Prior to teaching, Roger was a performer, a career which took him through Europe, most of the United States, and to Broadway, where he swung and dance captained the 2004 revival of “Fiddler on the Roof.”

Roger holds a BFA in acting from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts with a Concentration in Performance Creation from Goddard College.

Queer history in the U.S. didn’t begin with Stonewall, and as any cursory glance at today’s news will tell you, it most certainly didn’t end there, either. LGBTQ+ rights in America are still on the front lines of the culture wars, but we cannot understand these present battles without first understanding the moments that led to them.

Our Queer history is long, complicated, and painful. It is also extraordinary, and beautiful. This program will honor and celebrate some of the courageous names and remarkable events that came before Stonewall and that helped to shape over a century of struggle, victory, backwards steps, and forward marches.

Stonewall was not the beginning – not even close. Join us! Discover that there is So Much More Than Stonewall!

 Roger is excited to be celebrating Pride month with the patrons of the Great Neck Library.

To join this lecture, visit the Great Neck Library website at and connect to us on Zoom.  For more information, please contact the Great Neck Library at (516) 466-8055 or email [email protected].

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