Great Neck Scouts commemorate Memorial Day

Great Neck Scouts commemorate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not about picnics or hot dogs. It’s not even about the parade down Main Street.

Memorial Day started after the Civil War as Decoration Day. It was a day set aside for families to honor fallen veterans and decorate their final resting place.

In fact, we do not Celebrate Memorial Day, we Commemorate on Memorial Day.

The Great Neck Scouts from Girl Scout Troop 626 and Boy Scout Troop 10 did just that on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.

The Scouts placed 135 flags at the final resting place of veterans buried at All Saints Cemetery.

Thanks to an Eagle Scout project by Troop 10’s Sam Fong, all the gravestones have been cleaned of dirt and moss and properly marked to indicate that a Veteran lies here. During his project, Sam found 3 Civil War Veterans buried at All Saints. So far, there are 6 known Civil War veterans at All Saints, including one General.

If you have a loved one who is a veteran buried at All Saints, or know of any veteran buried there, please contact Donald Panetta [email protected] so they can be properly honored on Memorial Day.

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