Haber family delivers more than 100 turkeys before Thanksgiving

Haber family delivers more than 100 turkeys before Thanksgiving
Adam Haber, right, is seen with Sam and Ruth Kennedy during the turkey delivery to Bethel AME Church of Westbury, one of six stops the Haber Family made during their delivery of more than 100 turkeys. (Photo courtesy of Adam Haber)

Adam Haber, founder of Nassau County Suggestion Box, and his family hosted their annual turkey drive Nov. 21, delivering more than 100 turkeys across the area.

The Haber Family Thanksgiving Turkey Drive stems from the continually growing need for holiday gift basket donations in Nassau County.

Every year, the Haber family loads up a truck and assist with deliveries to local families. Residents from across Long Island are encouraged to participate by donating a holiday gift basket consisting of one frozen turkey ranging 10-14 lb., one bag of fresh carrots, one bag of fresh potatoes, one bag or box of stuffing, one can of cranberry sauce, one can of vegetables, four fresh oranges or apples, one fresh-baked apple or pumpkin pie, one bag or box of cookies and one bottle of juice.

Donations of frozen turkeys are also encouraged.

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