Hello Julia and The Nicholas Center partner to make corporate gift-giving season sweeter and more inclusive

Hello Julia and The Nicholas Center partner to make corporate gift-giving season sweeter and more inclusive
Photo Provided by The Nicholas Center

Hello Julia, a gourmet cookie company owned and operated by Julia Maidman, who is on the Autism spectrum, and The Nicholas Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering Autistic teens and adults, have partnered to make the corporate gift-giving season sweeter and more inclusive.

Through this collaboration, Hello Julia will bake over 4,000 cookies to create more than 300 cookie sampler gift boxes for the clients of Schwartz Sladkus Reich Greenberg Atlas LLP , a leading New York City-based full-service law firm which opened its Nassau County office in Port Washington last year.

The Nicholas Center will then pack and ship these orders, with the partners of SSRGA actively participating in the process.

This partnership highlights the importance of supporting businesses that provide opportunities to neurodivergent individuals, not only during the gift-giving season but year-round.

It also emphasizes that corporate giving can be more than just a transaction; it is a meaningful way to create positive change in the lives of those who face unique challenges in employment and social integration, including 85% unemployment and under engagement.

Julia Maidman, the baker and inspiration behind Hello Julia, is a shining example of how individuals with Autism can excel when given the chance. Her dedication to baking and the quality of her creations have earned her the reputation of having “golden hands” and her cookies are made to “Bake Someone Happy.”

The partnership reflects her desire to not only share her passion for baking, but also to give back to the community.

The Nicholas Center has revolutionized the way Autistic adults learn, live and work, empowering them to learn critical life skills, improve their social and communication abilities, and gain vocational training.

“We are excited to partner with The Nicholas Center to add more inclusivity to the corporate gift-giving season.” said Julia Maidman, master baker at Hello Julia. “Our cookies are made with love and care, and now they carry an extra layer of meaning. We hope this partnership inspires other businesses to support the autism community.”

“We are grateful to be able to make positive impact on the communities where we live and work,” said SSRGA co-founding partner Jeffrey Schwartz. “Our firm supports a variety of local businesses and nonprofit organizations throughout the year, and we are proud to partner with Hello Julia and The Nicholas Center. We hope that the cookie sampler gift boxes will bring joy to our clients and their families during the holiday season.”

“The future belongs to businesses and corporations who value the impact of supporting diversity at work and in the community,” said The Nicholas Center co-founder, Stella L. Spanakos. “We all win when there is a seat at the table of life for all. We are grateful for this opportunity to partner with Hello Julia and SSRGA.”

Emphasizing their joint dedication to compassion and inclusion, SSRGA will join Hello Julia and The Nicholas Center to dispatch orders.




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