History student artwork exhibition at the Mineola Memorial Library

History student artwork exhibition at the Mineola Memorial Library

Acknowledge Our History is holding an art exhibition displaying the winning works from AOH’s 2022 Students Art Competition – “Our Culture, Our History, Our Identity.” – at the Mineola Memorial Library from October 1st to October 31st.

AOH received works of all types. From painting to photography, watercolor to digital art, contestants from around the world captured ideas representing their culture, history, and identity. Works displayed at the exhibition include self-portraits, drawings of historical architecture, and other objects—cherry blossoms, animals, folklores—symbolizing cultural elements in our daily life.

The theme, integrating culture, history, and identity, facilitated conversation between competitors and those around them. By learning about their culture from parents, neighbors, and mentors, they created artworks reflective of their own identity and the identity of those around them.

20 winning works were chosen. Congratulations: Alex Bai, Alexander Zhang, Alicia Morales, Bohan Jin, Chendan Zhao, Claire D’ Ambrosio, Henry Yi, Isabella Zhou, Jia Xu, Loretta Liu, Mingshi Liu, Nicolette Polena, Peilin Lü, Roselyn Ho, Sophia Liu, Steve Han, Suyeon Ryu, Zhenran He, Zhiying Liang, Zhiyue Li!

Special Thanks to Manhasset High School for supporting AOH’s Art Exhibition Efforts.

More on Acknowledge Our History:
Acknowledge Our History is a high-school led initiative for AAPI history. With 14 school-based chapters across New York, AOH promotes vital Asian American narratives in the classroom and engages with the community by hosting and participating in seminars, rallies, and competitions. Local representatives, such as Assemblywoman Gina Sillitti, Senator John Liu, and Senator Anna Kaplan have supported AOH’s mission of empowerment through education.

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