MAG-nificent entrepreneur program for local Girl Scouts

MAG-nificent entrepreneur program for local Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts of Nassau County is proud to announce that their annual Mags&Munchies program will return on October 1 and run through Nov. 12.

Through the Mags&Munchies program, Girl Scouts sell various products, including magazines, and delicious nuts, snacks, and chocolates. The program presents Girl Scouts with an opportunity to give back to their communities—while providing girls with entrepreneurial, goal-setting, and decision-making skills—in preparation for the start of the Girl Scout Cookie® selling season.

“Our Girl Scouts are incredibly excited for this year’s Mags&Munchies program. Through online and in-person sales, Girl Scouts learn invaluable e-commerce, digital marketing, and entrepreneurial skills,” said Randell M. Bynum, chief executive officer, Girl Scouts of Nassau County. “This program provides fun and easy ways for girls to earn, learn and give back to the community.”

All products are available in-person from a Girl Scout as well as at their online store. Girls will build an online shop, where they will create an avatar that looks just like them and record a message for their virtual likeness to deliver to friends and family. There are also many other ways for girls to engage in the program, including uploading their own personal videos, earning virtual rewards for their avatars, and tracking their progress.

This year, customers will have a variety of new options. Buyers can select healthy assortments, including the Nut & Seed Blend, which includes peanuts, sunflower seeds, pepitas, dried cranberries, almonds, and cashews; or sweet treats like the Ruby Medley, which features almonds, dried cherries, dried cranberries, ruby cups, and cocoa cups.

Each Girl Scout will accept orders through their digital store in addition to taking paper orders. Customers can also subscribe to hundreds of magazines or renew current subscriptions to benefit their favorite through their Girl Scout and her troop.

In addition, the Girl Scouts of Nassau County continue to support Operation Stop Hunger on Long Island as part of its ongoing efforts to support Long Islanders facing food insecurity. Each Mags & Munchies purchase will give customers the option to donate $6.00 to the organization, and the Girl Scouts will match each donation by delivering nut/snack items to local food pantries on Long Island.

To learn more about Mags&Munchies and how to support local Girl Scouts, visit


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