Maggie Messina’s new memoir inspires resilience and hope

Maggie Messina’s new memoir inspires resilience and hope
Taecole studio owner Maggie Messina has released a new memoir. (Photo courtesy of Maggie Messina)

Maggie Messina’s highly anticipated literary masterpiece, “Tattered Laces: A Sister’s Promise,” gives readers freedom, truth, and hope. Life has a mysterious manner of imparting wisdom upon people, often without their conscious realization. They frequently perceive their struggles and experiences as forms of punishment.

However, Maggie has come to understand that the struggles are merely stepping stones on
readers’ paths to becoming their most authentic selves. In her tell-all memoir, “Tattered Laces: A Sister’s Promise,” Maggie’s story grips readers’ heartstrings yet leaves them with a sense of hope and a newfound willingness to embrace life’s challenges.

“Tattered Laces: A Sister’s Promise” is a captivating book that takes readers on a journey through Maggie’s life, from a traumatic childhood to a triumphant success story. With a drug-addicted, welfare mother, Maggie’s life was filled with despair, but her resilience and determination eventually led her to victory.

Throughout the book, readers meet Maggie’s family members, who either add to her misery or aid in her healing. The storyline builds and captures readers’ attention
page by page, leaving them wanting more. This heart-gripping story of abandonment and
eventual success will inspire and motivate readers to endure obstacles. Join Maggie on the
rollercoaster of life and experience her journey of hope, perseverance, and triumph.

One reviewer says, “Tattered Laces echoes the stories of countless children and sheds light on a dark subject, offering readers freedom and hope. I appreciate the resources provided at the end of the book, which can help readers cope with their situation and overcome it.”

“Tattered Laces: A Sister’s Promise” is now available at, Amazon, and everywhere books are sold.

Maggie Messina owns and operates Taecole Tae Kwon Do and Fitness Inc., founded in 1996,
and Femalefightersmattertoo, a movement bringing equality to female athletes Worldwide.
GM Maggie is a world-class 8th-degree martial artist and an awe-inspiring speaker who casts a spell on her audience with her profound passion for advocating for women in sports.

However, her captivating speeches go beyond the realm of athletics. Maggie fearlessly delves into the sensitive topics of child abuse, abusive relationships, addiction, suicide, and the significance of these issues.

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