Local fire departments host training day for junior firefighters

Local fire departments host training day for junior firefighters

Three local fire companies, the Great Neck Alerts, Manhasset-Lakeville and Port Washington, held a joint training day at Manhasset-Lakeville’s Company No. 2 for members of their respective junior firefighters’ programs.

About 45 junior firefighters, ranging in age from 12-17, braved the chilly, rainy weather early one Sunday morning to participate in several firefighting drills, also referred to as “evolutions”.

Outfitted in full firefighting gear, the juniors received “hands on” essential training in ground and aerial ladder skills, hose line operation, and search and rescue techniques. Ladder training included learning how to raise and stabilize a ground ladder against a building, and how to safely mount and dismount a ladder.

An aerial ladder extends directly from a fire truck to the roof of a building. The juniors learned how to mount and climb the 50 ft. ladder that extended from the fire truck to the roof. On the roof, they learned how to perform roof operation skills.

Search and rescue drills were conducted in two separate buildings, one that included a maze where the juniors, working in teams, had to search and rescue several “hose dummies” or victims and bring them to safety.

For the hose line operation evolution, there were two separate hoses with 5 or 6 juniors operating each hose. They learned how to change the pattern of the water from a straight stream to a fog, a useful skill when learning how to disperse and apply water effectively on a fire. (IMG_1002.jpg)

There were several advisors and volunteer firefighters on hand from each of the three departments that provided the training and also shared their extensive knowledge and expertise of firefighting.

The participating fire departments plan to continue holding joint training sessions in the future in an effort to help train the next generation of firefighters.

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