Manhasset Al Fresco features a ‘A Slice for Life’ book signing at Villa Milano

Manhasset Al Fresco features a ‘A Slice for Life’ book signing at Villa Milano
Jenny Hubbard, author of "Finding Sanctuary" with Robbie Donno, who wrote the prologue to "I am a Fine Arts Dealer that does Heart Surgery on the Side."

Villa Milano (168 Plandome Road) is giving a free slice pizza during a book signing event being held in conjunction with the Manhasset Chamber’s “Al Fresco” event on Sunday June 27.  The book signing and reading will take place between 5:30 and 6:30 pm.

 Jenny Hubbard has penned the book “Finding Sanctuary” chronicling each strong and sometimes painful step following the death of her 6-year-old daughter after the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

A reader will follow her journey of having her heart and her spirit put back together answering the question of how a Sandy Hook Mother can live on.  Jenny will do a short read from “Finding Sanctuary,” will sign books, meet people and have a slice.

Jenny Hubbard no doubt will inspire all those who meet her.

“I am a Fine Arts Dealer who does Heart Surgery on the side” is a series of short stories written by volunteers for the Gift of Life program.

Gift of Life is a Rotary-based program that has provided life-saving heart procedures for over 39,000 children from 84 countries around the world.

The Manhasset Rotary started Gift of Life in 1975 when a 5-year-old girl, Grace Agwaru came to St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn for open-heart surgery

These short stories tell of parent’s struggles to save the lives of their children and the compelling compassion of individuals who respond to a desperate stranger in their time of need.  Co-founder and Manhasset resident Robbie Donno will be signing the books as the author of the prologue.

Jenny Hubbard wants to be a voice for Gift of Life to prevent parents around the world from suffering from the loss of a child the way she did.

Manhasset Rotary and the community of Manhasset has once again stepped up to start what Hubbard and Donno hope to be a movement to plant “Kindness Garden” throughout the migratory path of the Monarch Butterflies and make the wish of a little girl for kindness to spread nationwide.  “Tell everyone that I am kind.”  6-year-old Catherine Hubbard 2012.

Donny Bekteshi commented “We know that we are fortunate in many ways, especially to be here in this great town of Manhasset.  We want to be a part of what people are doing.”

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