Manhasset students connect during National Fourth Graders Day

Manhasset students connect during National Fourth Graders Day
Munsey Park fourth graders prepared to play Connect Four against peers in their class.

Manhasset fourth graders from Munsey Park Elementary School celebrated National Fourth Graders Day on Jan. 8 by participating in a Connect Four Challenge.

Tournament brackets arranged pairs to compete against each other and a class championship went on to compete against winners across the grade.

Players took turns dropping checkers and analyzing the possibilities. The game required patience, thinking ahead, analyzing what their opponent might be thinking and coming up with strategies for winning combination. While it is impossible for two players to end in a draw, all games had a clear winner.

Students showed great sportsmanship when they cheered each other on and competitors congratulated their opponents. Students also received passes that admit them into all National Parks, as part of the Every Kid Outdoors program.

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