Port Washington Superintendent Michael Hynes, Meg Sheehan honored by Navy SEAL Foundation

Port Washington Superintendent Michael Hynes, Meg Sheehan honored by Navy SEAL Foundation
Meg Sheehan, Dr. Michael Hynes, David Kates and Brian Valenza (Photo provided by Port Washington School District)

Port Washington Superintendent Michael Hynes and Meg Sheehan have received an award from Navy SEAL Foundation Ambassadors, Brian Valenza and David Kates.

The award recognizes Port Washington School District’s dedication and support for the Navy SEAL Foundation’s mission to bring joy and comfort to our nation’s heroes.

The accolade was presented to Hynes and Sheehan in honor of their contributions to the annual Navy SEAL holiday card drive, which has been a tradition in collaboration with Port Washington schools for nearly a decade.

Last year, Sousa Elementary School demonstrated its commitment by creating and delivering the most holiday cards to Navy SEALs and Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen.

The award carries with it a rich tradition in the world of Navy SEALs. The tradition of giving paddles as recognition dates back to the early days of the Navy SEALs when they operated in small teams, relying on each other for survival in the harshest conditions.

Paddles became a symbol of camaraderie, trust, and unity among SEALs.  The Navy SEAL Foundation’s appreciation gift was not only a token of gratitude but also a symbol of the enduring partnership between Port Washington schools and the Navy SEAL community.

In response to the recognition, Hynes and Sheehan expressed their gratitude.

Hynes remarked, “It is a tremendous honor to receive this award, and we are deeply humbled by the Navy SEAL Foundation’s recognition. We are proud to continue the tradition of supporting our brave Navy SEALs and SWCC operators.”

Sheehan added, “The dedication of our students and community in creating holiday cards for our servicemen and women is truly remarkable. This award is a testament to the collective spirit of generosity that defines Sousa.”


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