Mineola EMT program prepares learners for life, and could save one

Mineola EMT program prepares learners for life, and could save one
Learners in the Mineola EMT course practice proper stretcher use and body mechanics under the watchful eye of instructor Mr. Ambadjes. (Photo courtesy of Mineola School District)

Seniors enrolled in the EMT class at Mineola High School are gaining real-life experience and are on track to earn statewide certifications that will be invaluable as they navigate their postsecondary and career plans. Plus, the skills they are learning could help save a life.

The class is taught by Jacque Ambadjes, who spent nearly two decades as a paramedic in the South Bronx before becoming a certified instructor coordinator for Nassau County EMT Academy. The students focus on all aspects of life as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), including personal safety and use of protective gear, determining the cause of distress and preparing to assist the patient. They learn how to carry a stretcher and how to fill out a patient care report, vital skills for an EMT professional. The students also gain basic anatomy and physiology knowledge using the district’s new Anatomage Table, a state-of-the-art 3D interactive anatomy visualization system. At the end of class every day, the students take each other’s vital signs and record them on a chart, including blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate and skin condition.

Passing this course requires learners to perform two practical exams, complete two written exams and ten patient evaluations. Upon completion, learners will receive CPR and First Aid certifications and be well on their way to a career as an EMT or other health care professional with life skills that could be lifesaving.

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