Mineola Volunteer Ambulance Corps receives federal grant of $114,545

Mineola Volunteer Ambulance Corps receives federal grant of $114,545

The Mineola Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc. (MVAC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit primarily
volunteer emergency ambulance company serving residents and visitors to the Incorporated Village of Mineola. MVAC utilized the grant writing services of Grant Guys, a Mineola-based fire grant management company to secure this federal grant.

The federal government provided $114,545.45 to be matched with local donations of $11,454.55 for a total project award: $126,000.00. With these funds MVAC will purchase a new power lift stretcher; three CPR compression machines; and 45 sets of protective gear.

MVAC operates three Advanced Life Support Emergency Ambulances, of which two already have power lift stretchers, this grant will provide the third. Power lift stretchers are essential in EMS operations. Every call has our EMTs lifting the average weight of a patient, which is close to 200 lbs., in and out of the ambulance 2 times. The weight of our older manual stretcher empty is 85 lbs. The average shift on our ambulance has our EMTs transporting 4 patients, or close to 2,000 lbs. in a shift. The most common cause
of line of duty injuries in MVAC involves the lifting of patients. This power lift stretcher eliminates the need for manual lifting, thereby decreasing future line of duty injuries.

Survival from sudden cardiac arrest is zero percent if external chest compressions are not performed. All our members receive extensive training in chest compressions, airway management and defibrillation to give our patients the best possible outcome in a cardiac situation. Ideally the rescuer attempts to deliver uninterrupted chest compressions at a rate greater than 100 per minute for the duration of care. This becomes near impossible as patients need to be moved from their current location to the ambulance, and from the ambulance to the hospital. However, properly applied and adjusted, the devices can deliver
consistent, continuous compressions throughout the arrest phase. Studies have shown that using chest compression devices does promote coronary blood flow, higher coronary perfusion pressures and can increase the chances of return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC).

Everyday our EMTs and Paramedics respond to various types of emergencies, and no one can predict what the next call will entail. To protect our members at the scene of an auto accident, building collapse, hazardous materials incident, or fire scene, MVAC will now be able to purchase 45 sets of EMS turnout gear. Each set will include helmet & shield, coat, pants, boots, gloves, and traffic vest. Our priority is always the health and safety of our patients, but we also need to ensure that every member who responds to these emergencies is returned home to their families at the end of the day.

All of the items that will be obtained through this grant are a high priority for MVAC, and could not have been obtained without this financial assistance. If anyone is interested in volunteering for the Mineola Volunteer Ambulance Corps please call: 516-248-0141 or email: [email protected]. All training is provided, and no experience is necessary.

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