Floral Park Board of Trustees reports Sept. 7

Floral Park Board of Trustees reports Sept. 7

Conservation Society – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo

It’s been a glorious summer at Centennial Gardens. But on Wednesday night, September 1st, both lower basins of the Gardens (right and left sides) flooded with about six feet of water. The water receded by Friday, leaving sediment, leaves, soil and some debris covering almost everything.

The Gardens were immediately closed to all but Village staff for now as we investigate and begin the clean-up process. Village Administrator Gerry Bambrick and Building Superintendent Renee Marcus received informative flooding clean-up guidelines from the NYS Department of Health. The Village will follow these guidelines to first do the necessary clean-up, then will work closely with the Conservation Society to begin to reopen it, first to our FPCS volunteers to care for and rebuild as needed. When it’s safe and necessary repairs are completed, it will reopen for the public. We all hope this will be one day soon and we’ll keep everyone posted.

Department of Public Works – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo

Thanks go to DPW Superintendent Kevin Ginnane, Deputy Superintendent Joe O’Grady, the supervisors and staff for their tremendous efforts and work in preparing for Storms Henri and Ida and working during those storms, including overnight, to clear and reclear storm drains, cut limbs from damaged trees and remove them, and assist residents with flooded basements and garages to cart away their damaged possessions immediately. Our 4 Village Studio weather station tells us we received 4.56 inches of rain and is a very useful source of information.

In addition to keeping our Village safe and clean following these two severe storms, DPW keeps our Village beautiful. Please take a moment to admire the eye-catching flowers and bushes that adorn our streets’ islands, pocket parks and larger parks, and DPW’s meticulous care of them. DPW will also continue to keep the outer gardens and lawns at Centennial Gardens looking beautiful, in cooperation with the FPCS volunteers, so that our residents may continue to enjoy walks along the outer brick path.

Chambers of Commerce and Our Businesses – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo

Our Building Department Superintendent, Renee Marcus sent out an informative August 27th fire reconstruction update which is posted on the fpvillage.org website and the Hillcrest Civic Association facebook page. Ms. Marcus is awaiting the engineer’s report on the viability of the remaining walls, expected this week.

SHOP AND DINE LOCAL continues to be our theme, and we thank all in the Villages of Floral Park and Stewart Manor for your generous support.

Recreation Department – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo

As summer in the park comes to an end, we thank Recreation Superintendent Kurt Meyfohrt, Pool Director Tom Dillon, their supervisors and staffs for a mostly bright and sunny summer filled with individual and team park and pool activities, all designed for fitness and fun. The season ended today with a delicious luncheon and music for 150 enthusiastic seniors.

Our Floral Park Little League for four to sixteen year olds will celebrate a busy season with Awards Night at the park on Friday, September 17th at 7pm. Our Little Leaguers will all be honored for their softball and baseball achievements on the diamond. Special awards will go to both our 10U softball and baseball teams (that’s 10 years old and under) for winning their District 29 championships; to this year’s pitch-hit-and-run champions; to the MVP Mentor Volunteer Program leaders; and to those receiving Players Choice honors. A highlight of the evening will be the celebration of baseball pioneers Mrs. Jane DeMasi and Mrs. Anne Groshans, Floral Park’s first female baseball managers. Congratulations to all!

Fall sports at the park promise more excitement with more Little League baseball and softball on Saturday mornings, Titans football, Youth Council touch football, Indians soccer, pickle ball, and tennis. Come to cheer for your favorite sports and teams!

Back To School – Trustee Lynn Pombonyo

As our Floral Park and Bellerose students of all ages return to school during these two weeks, we remind all of the importance of safe driving throughout our neighborhoods, and near our schools and school buses. Remember, traffic moving in both directions must stop for school buses with stop arms displayed and red lights flashing. Be especially aware of students who are crossing the street in front of stopped buses and those who are riding bicycles.

And, to our students and school staffs, we wish you all a happy, healthy, safe and very successful school year. Here’s to you!

Third Track Project – Trustee Archie Cheng

Last week, the Village and 3TC entered into an agreement concerning the remaining heavy work at Tunnel Street. 3TC had been given access to Tunnel Street for the purposes of demobilizing their access area on the north side of the Hempstead Branch. That permission was given for 4 days and was to end today. I have attempted to communicate with them as to their progress but have not received a response. Considering we had the remnants of Ida last week, I would not be surprised if they did not need a little more time. As partial compensation, 3TC will either repave Tunnel Street and install approximately 75 feet of curbing and sidewalks or will reimburse the Village for the cost of same.

The Village has also received reports from residents along the Hempstead Branch about different and louder noise from the trains and tracks. 3TC has explained that it is because the tracks need to be welded and adjusted which is not part of their responsibilities. That work has to be done by the MTA/LIRR. We are attempting to get a time table for the repairs from the MTA.

There will be a double track outage on the Main Line of the LIRR during the next 2 weekends. This will be the start of the actual Third Track installation in our Village and placement of supporting ballast.

Floral Park Fire Department – Trustee Archie Cheng

On Saturday, September 11, 2021 at 8:30AM, we will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the horrific attacks on our Nation with its annual remembrance. Please come to Village Hall for an hour of reflection, prayer and resolve as we pay tribute to all who fell that day and for those who continue to die, suffer and mourn.
At 6:30PM, please join us again at the Reliance Firehouse, as we conclude this day of remembrance.

Fire calls for August: Rescue 79, Rest of Department 24, Total 103.

Floral Park Library – Trustee Jennifer Stewart

I am happy to report that our Best Public Library of Nassau County banner has been delivered and installed. In person programming will be back to near pre pandemic levels this fall. One new addition to the fall line up is an English as a Second Language literacy course taught by volunteers. This required registrants to take a proficiency test prior to the class at an alternative location. Please see the library’s website or visit the library for more information. This fall is sure to be the best season yet for our wonderful library.

Pool Department – Trustee Jennifer Stewart

The 2021 summer season ended yesterday with the final jump attended by hundreds of residents. This summer was a fun and safe one for all. Our lifeguards were ever vigilant making 14 saves, none requiring emergency intervention.

The grounds were beautifully maintained by our staff and many members commented on the beautiful landscaping. Planning for the 2022 season will begin in the coming weeks. Thanks to all the members who attended all the many events at the pool this summer and we look forward to seeing you next summer.

Mayor Kevin Fitzgerald

Mayor Fitzgerald acknowledged the Floral Park Library being voted as Best Library in Nassau County coming as no surprise. The Library has done a tremendous job and he is happy that they were recognized. The Library always finds new ways to reinvent itself and is never resting on its laurels. It is always coming up with innovative and creative programs for the residents of Floral Park. Congratulations again to all of the staff at the Library.

The Mayor thanked the Floral Park Police Department for its terrific job during the recent storm in the marking out of the streets and dangerous conditions that motorists should not drive through. The members of the Police Department were “the eyes and ears on the ground” and coordinated with DPW Superintendent Ginnane and his staff to target remedial response to mitigate dangerous situations throughout the Village. Thanks again for the tremendous effort.

All are invited to attend the 9/11 Ceremony planned at Village Hall on Saturday 9/11/21 to honor the 20th anniversary. It is one hour long and I hope that many of our residents will attend.

Thank you to all of the members of the media here this evening. Thank you to Felix Procaccia of ‘Just the Facts Media’ and to Blank Slate Media.

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