New Hyde Park Memorial High School Dads’ Club

New Hyde Park Memorial High School Dads’ Club

The Dads’ Club of New Hyde Park Memorial High School is an organization dedicated to raising money for the students, student activities, and the community. The Dads’ Club raises money through their concession stand called “The Shack”, donations from their members and community, and other fundraising events. As they move into 2023, they would like to celebrate their accomplishments from the first half of the school year.

For the NHPMHS students and student activities, The Dads’ Club supported the needs of the Special Education Department, by supplying the Echo System for the classroom along with supplies and accessories needed for DLC. The Club donated flowers for the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Woman’s Basketball Championship. They made donations to the school’s Best Buddies program and contributed to the Athletic Department by purchasing & installing the new “Home” and “Visitor” seating decals for the gymnasium. The Dads’ Club donated to the Key Club’s fundraising event to raise money for Ukraine, as well as participating along with the Key Club to “Help Feed for Thanksgiving”. The Club also supported a cheerleading clinic and donated dessert to the seniors’ New Year’s Dance. Best of all, the Dads’ Club is well on its way to raising $10,000, which is given to graduating seniors in the form of scholarships.

For the NHP community, the Dads’ Club hosted a breakfast for the New Hyde Park Fire Department for one of their training drills. They helped families in need for Christmas in NHP. The Club held its Annual Chili Cook-off in November with proceeds helping our local Veterans. Their “Mac and Cheese” fundraiser was a hit, raising funds for the Mighty Madison Foundation to fight DIPG. The Dads’ Club’s “Pink Lemonade” campaign to help with the research for Breast Cancer Awareness is always a great success. The Club also participated in the NHP Christmas Adopt a Family initiative. Finally, as they do every year, the Dads’ Club supplied and made hot chocolate at the Garden City Park Christmas Tree Lighting.

Just in the first half of the school year, the Dads’ Club donated nearly $7,000 to the NHPMHS students, student activities, and community.

As always, The Dads’ Club can use your support. If you’d like to volunteer your time to help The Dads’ Club, please email us at [email protected], or visit us at The Shack. If you’d prefer to show your support in the form of a donation, please complete the form on the home page of our website:

The community is always invited to “The Shack”, the Dads’ Club’s little restaurant behind the school. Well, it’s not so much a restaurant but more like two car garage with all the amenities of a snack bar! It’s been rated the Number 1 Snack Shack at the NHP schools for eight straight years. The Shack is open nearly every day after school at 3 p.m. You should also follow The Dads’ Club on Facebook and Instagram, so you’re aware of when they hold special events. The Dads’ Club’s next event is a Breakfast Fundraiser for the school, which will be held on February 11th from 8 a.m. to noon.

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