Northwell appoints Sophy Lu as CIO

Northwell appoints Sophy Lu as CIO
Sophy Lu. (Photo courtesy of Northwell)

Northwell Health today announced the appointment of Sophy Lu as its new chief information officer (CIO). Ms. Lu, a 12-year veteran of the health system, succeeds John Bosco, who held the post from 2004 until his retirement.

Ms. Lu, a senior vice president who previously served as deputy CIO, will oversee one of the most robust digital information and technology departments in the health care space with more than 1,900 team members and 3,000 solutions at the fingertips of caregivers and administrators. Her new responsibilities include the strategic direction, talent, information, security, technology and service delivery for the health system’s digital transformation and integrated product innovation.

“It’s gratifying to be able to promote great candidates from within the health system, and while John Bosco left big shoes to fill, Sophy Lu is an outstanding leader in her field and a logical choice for this key role,” said Michael Dowling, Northwell’s president and CEO. “I’m proud to work with her and delighted to have the first Asian American/Pacific Islander CIO for a health system in the United States.”

Ms. Lu joined Northwell in 2010 and assumed the role the chief applications officer in 2017. There she helped the organization with its long-term digital technology goals before being appointed deputy CIO earlier this year. Ms. Lu was responsible for the effective implementation and maintenance of digital administration systems as applications officer.

“Sophy Lu brings a tremendous amount of expertise and leadership, not only as we go through a significant digital transformation, but also as a well-respected and trusted leader throughout the organization working to advance the mission and vision of Northwell,” said Joseph Moscola, PA, MBA, executive vice president of enterprise services at Northwell. “We congratulate her on the new role and thank John Bosco for his decades of service.”

Ms. Lu has more than 20 years of experience in both health care and global information technology during a crucial time for digital transformation in health care. Prior to Northwell, Ms. Lu helped design and build a liquified natural gas plant in Indonesia as well as the design of several air separation plants for the industrial gas industry. She earned a bachelor’s of science in chemical engineering from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania.

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