Northwell transplant chief reacts to organ donor executive order

Northwell transplant chief reacts to organ donor executive order
Dr. Lewis Teperman (Photo courtesy of Northwell Health)

Dr. Lewis Teperman vice chair of surgery at North Shore University Hospital and director of organ transplantation at Northwell Health, called the Trump administration’s pledge Wednesday to provide better access to kidney transplantation in the United States an important step forward.

“We are delighted with the Trump administration shining a spotlight on the dire need for greater access to transplantation services of organs for all Americans,” said Teperman. “The president has correctly defined the problem, one that I see in my role caring for the sickest patients seeking a lifeline. There’s a critical organ shortage and he is looking to inspire change.

“With the stroke of the pen, President Trump has authorized the ability to recoup financial losses when an individual steps forward to be a living donor. These volunteers are our greatest treasure and now there’s a pathway for these heroes to be funded. Organ procurement organizations across the United States need the right oversight and incentives to help increase organ donation. The devil is in the details, but it’s a great first step.”

North Shore University Hospital has been providing exceptional care in kidney transplantation since 2007 and was recently named one of just three hospitals in New York State to earn a tier five status – the highest rating – by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients. The Sandra Atlas Bass Center for Liver Diseases treated more than 6,400 outpatients in 2018.

Northwell also launched Long Island’s first heart transplant program at the Sandra Atlas Bass Heart Hospital at North Shore University Hospital in 2018 and just last month opened the region’s first liver transplant program.

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