NYU Long Island School of Medicine granted full accreditation

NYU Long Island School of Medicine granted full accreditation

Mineola, New York: The Liaison Committee on Medical Education has granted NYU Long Island School of Medicine full accreditation. The medical school, which first opened its doors in September 2019, is the only one in the country that offers a tuition-free three-year degree in primary care.

“Without the pressure of medical debt, the world’s brightest medical students are now free to follow their passion for primary care and improving health in the community,” said Gladys M. Ayala, MD, MPH, Dean of the NYU Long Island School of Medicine.

While the school was previously granted provisional accreditation to educate students and conduct research, achieving full accreditation is the culmination of over six years of work by more than 100 faculty members, staff, and students. This work has included rigorous and continuous self-study to chart the school’s future.

NYU Langone Health is the only health system in the U.S. to have two medical schools. Its nationally and internationally renowned NYU Grossman School of Medicine in Manhattan has set the pace for launching groundbreaking initiatives in medical education.

With full accreditation, NYU Long Island School of Medicine will have access to federal funding and be eligible to participate in medical school rankings by organizations such as U.S. News & World Report. Full accreditation also brings validation of the nation’s foremost medical body.

Each graduate of the school who stays in their initial specialization track is given an opportunity to become an accreditation resident at NYU Langone Hospital-Long Island, helping to enhance the hospital’s mission to provide top-notch primary care in underserved communities.

“We are so grateful to all of the faculty, staff, and students-past and present who helped us attain full accreditation,” said Joseph J. Greco, MD, Vice President and Chief of Hospital Operations. “Their dedication to exceptionalism will ensure that NYU Langone Long Island School of Medicine remains a beacon of hope for the future of primary care and for the many underserved communities in desperate need of healing.”

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