Art Guild presents Art from the Heart

Art Guild presents Art from the Heart
"Big Waves" by Lana Ballot is one of numerous paintings that the Art Guild will display. (Photo courtesy of the Art Guild)
The public is invited to Art from the Heart, a 10×10 Art Auction and Fundraiser sponsored by The Peter & Jeri DeJana Foundation on Dec. 7, from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at Elderfields Preserve. Enjoy festive food and music with other artists and supporters of the arts. All donated artwork will be auctioned, starting at $100, and remaining works will be on display and available for $100 each until Jan. 5, 2020. The biannual event is long anticipated by artists, collectors, gift buyers and supporters of the arts.

“Art from the Heart is our sole fundraiser of 2019 and proceeds go toward our Education Fund that subsidizes class fees, High School Student Scholarships, and The Art Guild’s Revitalization Fund.” said Lisa Grossman, Executive Director of The Art Guild. “We are so grateful for the artists’ who participated by creating and donating their works of art and all of the supporters who are participating in our auction. We have already received great interest and bids, which are being accepted online and via email.”

The exhibition is a spellbinding combination of emerging, award-winning, and established artists. With almost 200 works of art of all mediums from oil to pastels and photography and an array of styles from landscapes to portraits and abstracts, interested buyers may view the exhibit online or at The Art Guild. Bids are accepted via their online form, via email and in person. Bidding ends Dec. 7 at 9:30 p.m. For more information, visit

Artists who have their work in the exhibition include: Pratibha Agdern, Khushbakht Ashar, Lana Ballot, Diane Bares, Douglas Barnaby, Claudia Bedell, Joanne Behal, Cindy Bender, Katrina Benson, Rozalia Berlin, Diana Berrent, Brooke Bifulo, George Billy, Leo Bliok, Heidi Block, Violet Burburan, Frank Burke, Elizabeth Caputo, Leeanna Chipana, Angela Classi, Susanne Corbelletta, Caryn Coville, Aleta Crawford, Dennis Curran, Christine D’Addario, Diane D’Agostino, Marcia D’Agostino, Kathy D’Amato-Smith, Rachel Dove, Irene Dowd, Liz Ehrlichman, Paul David Elsen, Dana Epstein, Willem Exinville Karen Fagelman, Barbara Flamm, Ellie Foster, Susan Friedlieb, Ivan Frisch, Linda Gleit, Lisa Gordon Loozis, Mayra Guillen, Sylvia Harnick, Heather Heckel, Lois Hellman, Susan Herbst, Vivian Hershfield, Jeff Holtzman, Shelley Holtzman, Larry Houser, Tricia Hughes, Sasha Hyde, Frances Ianarella, Richard Infarte, Sabine Jean-Bart, Annette Kasle, Dan Kasle, Marceil Kazickas, Brian G. Keogh, Karen L. Kirshner, Joan Klein, Ellen Kletzkin, Robert Knepper, Carla Kobrick, Rosemary Konatich, Randy E. Kraft, Denise Kramer, Mary Kwok, Bruce Laird, Steve Lampasona, Joan Laufer, Hali Layton, Debrah Levy-Malater, Laurie Levine, Lee Ann Lindgren, Donna Litke, Linda Louis, Diane Luger, Piper Lyman, Viny Maliangos, Howard March, Andrea Marchhart, E.Craig Marcin, Rose Marino, Michael Mayorga, Jane McGraw, John Micheals, Corinne Michels, Barbara Miller, Deborah Miller, Wendy Miller, Laura Montllor, Alexis Muschitiello, Randi Nadrich, Sofie Rhall, Alan Nafte, Stephanie Navon-Jacobson, Eileen Neville, Theresa Oropallo, Patti Paris, Annette Parry, Dr. Cynthia Paulis, Ken Posthauer, Alice Riordan, Joely Rogers, Howard Rose, Linda Ruden, Rene Salzman, Robert Sargent, Jane Scal, Ellen Hallie Schiff, Lisa Schubach, Lynda Schwartz, Jose Seligson, Michelle Shain, Roya Shamsdiba, Paula Sherman, David Shevlino, Ilene Silberstein, Steve Silberstein, Barbara Silbert, Susan Kozodoy Silkowitz, Robert Simone, Lynn Sirow, Kate Smith, Gary Solorzano, Anita Stein, Barbara Stein, Joan Stevens, Jay Stuart, Bob Stuhmer, Maria Testa, Elisa Triffleman, Jane Tujak, Leo Tujak, Jill Velasco, Elaine Walden, Tracy Arnold Warzer, Marcia Weisman, Athena Yao, Hiroko Yoshida, and Theodora Zavala.

Raffle tickets for the baskets“A Night on the Town” and “A Taste of Port Washington” are also available online or at The Art Guild ($20 or 3 for $50). Winners will be announced 12/7.

“A Night on the Town” includes gift cards to Heirloom Tavern ($50), Limani ($150), Mim’s ($40), Pezzi Pizza ($20 pie), Poll Brothers ($100), Toscannini ($25), and is valued at $385.

“A Taste of Port Washington” includes gift cards to Bistro Etc ($100 – 2 entrees & 2
desserts), Harbor Deli ($25), Gino’s ($20 1 pizza), La P’tite Framboise ($25), Secrets of Flight ($75), The Wild Goose ($50), Toscannini ($25), Wild Honey ($100) and is valued at $420.

The Art Guild is also thankful for the many sponsors for their support of this very special event:

Event Sponsor: The Peter & Jeri DeJana Family Foundation, VIP Platinum Auction Preview Sponsor: Pam & Larry Tarica, Diamond Sponsors:

The Art Guild continues to offer popular workshops for a fun, immersive experience. Check their website for more workshops! Gift cards also available!

Submitted by the Art Guild

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