Long Island reach hosts annual charity event honoring Port Washington mental health advocates

Long Island reach hosts annual charity event honoring Port Washington mental health advocates
Pictured from left to right: Jeffrey Stone, Project HELP; Ellen Ritz, NAMI, Summer Soiree, Honoree; Mary Jo Collins, Town of North Hempstead Representative; Gaby Sorin, Schriber High School Mental Health Advocate and Recent Graduate, Summer Soiree Honoree; Kathy Levinson, Board Member, Long Island Reach; Joseph Smith, Ph.D., Executive Director, Long Island Reach; Scott K. Nigro, Esq., Board Chairperson, Long Island Reach (Courtesy of Long Island Reach)

Given the current heightened importance of raising awareness about mental health, Long Island Reach recently organized its annual Summer Soirée at Ayhan’s Lobster and Fish House.

This event aimed to unite the community and generate essential funds to further the organization’s mission of offering behavioral health and addiction counseling, treatment, and educational services across Nassau County.

The evening celebrated two remarkable individuals, Ellen Drisdale Ritz from the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Gaby Sorin, a recent graduate of Schreiber High School and a passionate advocate for mental health.

Joe Smith, the executive director of Long Island Reach, expressed, “Long Island is grappling with an unprecedented mental health crisis, and the demand for affordable, accessible care has never been greater.

With the support of our community and dedicated advocates like Ellen Drisdale Ritz and the promising young advocate Gaby Sorin, Long Island Reach is steadfast in its commitment to providing the necessary services for individuals of all ages and backgrounds to lead fulfilling, healthy lives.”

Ellen Drisdale Ritz, one of the honorees, is a registered nurse and has been serving on the NYS NAMI Board of Directors since 2017.

Her unwavering commitment to mental health initiatives has resulted in an expansion of program leaders and, consequently, increased outreach and delivery of programs benefiting the community.

Co-honoree Gaby Sorin, a recent graduate of Schreiber High School, has a promising future and offers extensive support and guidance to those dealing with mental health challenges. Gaby serves as a Crisis Counselor volunteer for the Crisis Text Hotline and has emerged as a powerful advocate for mental health awareness among her peers in the Port Washington community.

Currently pursuing her education at Wesleyan University with intentions to major in Neuroscience and Behavior, Gaby continues to make a positive impact.

By hosting this year’s Summer Soirée, Long Island Reach takes pride in uniting the community in support of mental health care and recognizing the outstanding contributions of Ritz and Sorin. The event’s proceeds will go toward Long Island Reach’s support services, mental health counseling, and therapy programs for individuals in crisis.




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