Oh My Goodness awarded grants from Port Washington B.I.D.

Oh My Goodness awarded grants from Port Washington B.I.D.

The Greater Port Washington Business Improvement District recently awarded both the New Tenant Bonus and Sign Grant to Oh My Goodness.

The unique youth wellness center and holistic café combination offers mindful programming for young children. The beautiful play center also hosts a café with a full menu of healthy food options for kids and adults, too.

Founder Margaret Elenis and sister, Nina Elenis bring a wealth of professional knowledge and passion to their program and design of the space.

Margaret said, “Oh my goodness was created with the mission of educating Littles and families about how to maintain health. Our mission is to reshape generational Habits by making healthy fun!”

Nina said, “With our organic café with tons of organic healthy food items for adult and child, our Montessori-style play space & our engaging mindfulness and yoga classes, your little one will leave with a truly unique and heartwarming experience!”

Holly Byrne, executive director at the Port Washington B.I.D. shares, “We welcome Oh My Goodness to Port Washington. Their holistic approach to all-around wellness for the youngest group is as attractive as the physical space is beautiful and welcoming. Plus, it’s a great place to grab a nut butter smoothie!”

Oh My Goodness is located at 301 Main St. To learn more about their events, classes and menu, visit ohmygoodnesskids.com and on social media @ohmygoodnessinc.

Eligible businesses, both new and established within the defined business district can apply for grants for funding to assist with costs of improvements to the facade of the place of business and/or signage.

Guidelines and applications, along with additional resources for business owners, can be found on the Port Washington B.I.D. website under the Business Resource heading. Inquiries can also be directed to the Port Washington B.I.D. Office at 516-883-8890.

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