Republican Party backs D’Esposito for re-election

Republican Party backs D’Esposito for re-election
A constituent in the 4th Congressional District filed multiple campaign finance complaints against Rep. Anthony D’Esposito. (Photo courtesy of the Town of Hempstead)

The Nassau County Republican Committee officially nominated Congressman Anthony D’Esposito (R-Island Park) as the party’s nominee in New York’s Fourth Congressional District Monday.

“I am running for re-election in order to continue fighting for commonsense Long Island values in Congress and to ensure our district remains represented by someone focused on advancing the interests of Nassau County neighbors, and not the regressive policies of Washington progressives,” said D’Esposito.

D’Esposito first ran for Congress in 2022, securing a victory and flipping the seat from Democrat to Republican in what became known as “the red wave.”

While in Congress, D’Esposito supported the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. House Republicans claimed Mayorkas was to blame for issues at the southern border amid high illegal immigration. Mayorkas’ impeachment was only the second Cabinet impeachment in the country’s history.

D’Esposito supported H.R. 2, the Republican-backed “Secure the Border Act,” which passed the House but had not made it through the Senate before a new, comprehensive border bill was introduced in January 2024. The bipartisan Senate Border Deal died after Senate Republicans blocked it and a foreign aid package in February.

The congressman also supported a House resolution that overturned a Washington, D.C., law that lowered penalties for certain crimes.

Prior to his work in Congress, D’Esposito served as an NYPD detective for more than a decade and worked as chief of the Island Park Fire Department.

“I love this community, and with the support of my Nassau County neighbors I will continue fighting on Capitol Hill for safe streets, affordable communities, and SALT cap relief for all Long Islanders,” said D’Esposito.

He endorsed former President Donald Trump Monday. “We want to elect President Donald Trump back to office!” D’Esposito said in a video from Monday night.

D’Esposito serves in a district that largely voted for President Joe Biden in the 2020 election.

“Anthony D’Esposito falling in line to endorse Donald Trump is unsurprising and mirrors how he’s repeatedly caved to the most dangerous, far-right factions of the Republican Party,” said Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesperson Ellie Dougherty in a statement. “In Congress, D’Esposito has voted for legislation to restrict abortion, in addition to cutting funding for public safety. And after 13 months in office, he’s also failed to advance any meaningful, bipartisan policies to fix our border.”

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