Roslyn Water District participates in Village of East Hills Green Day event

Roslyn Water District participates in Village of East Hills Green Day event
Roslyn Water District Chairman Michael Kosinski, left, Commissioner Dr. Sanford Klein and Superintendent Richard Passariello, as well as Irrigation Association of New York Board Member Paul Urzagaste, spoke with residents on the importance of water conservation during the Village of East Hills Green Day event.

The Roslyn Water District recently participated in the Village of East Hills Green Day, an annual event that focuses on bringing environmental conservation messaging to the community. RWD officials including Chairman Michael Kosinski, Commissioner Sanford Klein and Superintendent Richard Passariello spoke to residents throughout the day, discussing the ways in which they ensure that their community receives top-quality water on a daily basis.

“It was a pleasure to connect with residents as part of Green Day,” said Kosinski. “We believe that fostering a dialogue with our community is very important, and to do so as part of such an environmentally-focused event was truly enjoyable for us. We hope to have answered their questions and inspired them to help is in protecting our precious water source.”

Water conservation was a key point of discussion for District officials and their residents, as it is crucial that residents continue following Nassau County’s Odd/Even Lawn Watering Ordinance and adhering to the RWD’s village-based watering schedule for the remainder of irrigation season.

District officials especially promoted the use of smart-irrigation controllers, which use WiFi signals to connect to local weather forecasts to determine exactly how much water lawns need in order to stay healthy, preventing the risk of overwatering.

These tools are so beneficial to water conservation that all RWD residents with automatic irrigation systems must have them installed by Jan. 1, 2025.

“The season for residents to turn off their irrigation systems is quickly approaching, and many of them will have irrigation contractors come into their homes to help them with the process,” said Kosinski. “This is the perfect time to communicate with your contractors about switching to a smart controller to help you greatly increase your water savings next spring and summer, as well as to meet the 2025 mandate.”

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