The Roslyn Water District co-hosts webinar to help irrigation contractors educate residents on water conservation

The Roslyn Water District co-hosts webinar to help irrigation contractors educate residents on water conservation

The Roslyn Water District, alongside the Port Washington Water District and Irrigation Association of New York, recently hosted their second virtual Irrigation Contractor Training Webinar.

The webinar helped to better educate irrigation contractors on finding the most effective and efficient ways to aid residents in conserving water this irrigation season and follow the district’s 2023 irrigation guidelines. T

he information providing during the event also serves as a means of furthering the RWD’s efforts to ensure that all residents have a plan to replace their standard irrigation controllers with smart irrigation controllers, something which all residents much have completed by January 1, 2025.

“Irrigation systems coming online is the biggest reason for the tremendous spike in water usage we see every spring and summer in the Roslyn Water District,” said RWD Superintendent Richard Passariello. “Irrigation contractors are very influential when it comes to how residents operate their systems and providing them with resources to better educate their customers on how to conserve water while irrigating their properties. We extend our thanks to those who attended and we are looking forward to seeing positive results as the weather gets warmer.”

During the webinar, RWD and PWWD officials spoke on the crucial nature of mandatory irrigation guidelines that all residents absolutely must follow during peak irrigation season. These mandatory requirements include complying with Nassau County’s Odd/Even Lawn Watering Ordinance, watering during designated times of day based on the village or hamlet in which a resident lives and reducing sprinkler time by at least two minutes per zone.

The mandatory switch from standard to smart irrigation controllers by Jan. 1, 2025 was also a focus of the webinar. Smart controllers are some of the most effective tools for limiting water use during irrigation season, as they use WiFi connections to read weather reports and assess the amount of rainfall one’s property might receive.

This makes sure that properties only receive the exact amount of water needed in order to remain healthy, eliminating the issues that come with overwatering.

Mike Dwyer of the Irrigation Association of New York also spoke during the webinar. Dwyer, an irrigation contractor and owner of Hot Water Aplenty, addressed specific techniques which contractors can use while installing irrigation systems to help their customers conserve.

This included drip irrigation, using check valves on all head replacements and using pressure-regulated bodies for repairs. He furthered the discussion on smart irrigation controllers, speaking on methods that contractors use to make sure they are most effective, including additions such as rain sensors, flow sensors and soil moisture sensors.

“As professionals of the industry, the Irrigation Association of New York understands the importance of water conservation when it comes to protecting our sole-source aquifer,” said Dwyer. “The IANY is proud to do our part in helping residents of the Port Washington and Roslyn Water Districts by providing our expertise to the irrigation contractors who service these communities.”

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