Roslyn middle schoolers making a difference

Roslyn middle schoolers making a difference
Two eighth-graders from Roslyn Middle School are making an impact. (Photo courtesy of Roslyn Public Schools)

Two eighth-grade students from Roslyn Middle School are making a difference.

Amy Wu began a passion project to provide clean water access to a village in Africa through a nonprofit organization called Youth for Malawi.

During Zoom calls with the founder of the organization and a director in Malawi, Amy learned about the most urgent need of the village, which was to repair and protect three water boreholes. To help, she collected $1700 through a series of fundraisers.

A major event that raised almost half the money needed was an event with Roslyn teachers and administration called “Pi-e a Teacher.” The event was led by Elizabeth Hsiao, who created different activities to encourage middle school students to get involved with celebrating Pi.

“Our district is very proud of these two students,” said advisor Loretta Fonseca. “We commend their efforts and success in getting people involved and making a difference.”

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