Roslyn science classes start with teamwork

Roslyn science classes start with teamwork
Harbor Hill students learned about teamwork in science during their first month of school. (Photo courtesy of Roslyn school district)

In Theresa Tahany’s science classes in September, each of the grade levels at Harbor Hill School watched a short, fun video clip with multiple pieces of evidence of teamwork.

Structures and samples of student work created during these STEM challenges were on display in the Harbor Hill science lab during Open House on Sept. 28 for all to see.

Students then used the skill of “turn-and-talk” to share their ideas before compiling a class list of the evidence that was found. Those teamwork lessons were transferred from the clips to the science lab and where they came up with the Three “C”s of Teamwork: communication, cooperation and courage.

(Photo courtesy of Roslyn school district)

Also discussed were some sentence starting prompts students could use to help them use language that would help to foster and build teamwork with others. If students disagree with others they are working with, the prompts give them a way to start that conversation politely and constructively.

Each grade level completed a STEM challenge to gain practice using teamwork. This practice is important because the students will be using teamwork throughout the year in science lab during partner and small group work while working on future experiments, tasks, and challenges.

It is also important as students will be able to carry over these teamwork skills back in their classrooms as well as extend these teamwork lessons into their lives outside of school. Following the activity, all students completed a grade-appropriate rubric to self-assess their teamwork skills.

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