Severe weather plan works to mitigate impact of potential emergencies

Severe weather plan works to mitigate impact of potential emergencies

The Great Neck Water Pollution Control District, or GNWPCD, continues to maintain an updated severe weather plan aimed at combating the potential impacts of severe weather at the wastewater treatment center.

The strategic plan details emergency guidelines and instructions in preparation for potential severe weather events, including conditions typically paired with tropical storms and hurricanes.

“As residents in the southeastern United States deal with the ongoing impacts of Hurricane Florence, the District wants to reiterate to our local residents that we are constantly reviewing and updating our severe weather plan to ensure the safety and security of our plant operations, and environment,” Commissioner Steve Reiter said in a statement. “The team here has worked flawlessly over the years to continue consistent operations during severe weather events and are fully prepared to handle tropical weather if it comes to the shores of Long Island in the coming weeks.”

The Severe Weather Plan forms a response structure for District personnel to protect public health during an emergency. Hurricanes pose a significant risk of flooding as heavy bands of rain typically drench affected regions.

In preparation for flooding, service vehicles will be kept above expected flood levels, stocked with appropriate emergency equipment. Additionally, critical equipment and supplies are kept in key strategic locations to protect critical facilities.

“The District’s plan follows and exceeds the Environmental Protection Agency’s recommendations for wastewater facilities to maintain critical wastewater services and protect the public’s well-being in an emergency,” Commissioner Jerry Landsberg said. “As your commissioners, we will continue to take proactive measures to not only invest in cost-effective infrastructure but develop protocol to best provide unaffected services.”

In 2012, the District reported uninterrupted service during and following Hurricane Sandy, a storm which adversely affected much of Long Island. District personnel participated in emergency staff meetings, installed emergency pump stations, stocked up on biodiesel supplies for vehicles and equipment in case of a diesel fuel shortage and increased their shifts from the regular eight hours to 12 hours.

For additional information and updates about the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District, please call the office at 516-482-0238 or visit the website at

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