SHAI celebrates Norouz with music, art, food and more

SHAI celebrates Norouz with music, art, food and more

On a beautiful, sunny, cold Sunday, the Sephardic Heritage Alliance, Inc. (SHAI) welcomed in spring by celebrating a cultural Norouz celebration in New York City at a new, state-of-the-art venue, Lavan Midtown.

March 19 was an evening of celebrating SHAI’s mission of enhancing and preserving our beautiful Persian and Jewish heritage, ushering in the new season, while showing solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Iran. Over five hundred guests of all ages enjoyed a multi-sensory evening of history, culture, art, music and dance.

Committee members Erika Goldstein Kashi, Tania Eshaghoff Frieberg, Marjan Greenblatt, Mojgan Lancman, Edna Khalili and Jackie Harounian created a fresh, fun, evening to remember. Frieberg curated the art show using the latest technology of projection mapping and featuring over 40 artists ranging from well-known Iranian artists to local artists of all ages.

Stephanie Ohebshalom opened the event singing “Barayeh,” followed by Mehram Rastegar playing the kamancheh. A beautiful Norouz message was delivered by President  Kashi. World Entertainment Dance by Anna Pipoyan wowed and entertained the audience.  Lederman Caterers provided delicious cuisine. A magnificent traditional Hafsin table was displayed in the center, and this was designed by Rahloo Khalili and Dalia Baratian.

The beauty of the event was that the entire community participated and was engaged in this evening. It was a night of art, culture, joy, self-expression and solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Iran who are fighting to be able to share in these very same basic rights. Everyone left with a smile, their calligraphy in Farsi by Majid Khosrow Shahi and a goldfish.

A special thank you to our committee, Lavan, Lederman Caterers, DJ Iman, Arick Sebag, and our sponsors, Saeed Amirian, Tania Frieberg Eshagoff, Nazee Moinian and the Moinian Group, for making this such a memorable and enjoyable way for all generations to celebrate spring. SHAI truly took us to the next level in what our community needs and wants for our future growth as a community.

SHAI also was able to celebrate Norouz locally in Great Neck at the Great Neck Library where we featured a Hafsin table.

Music was a big part of the Norouz celebration. (Photo provided by Erika Kashi)

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