Silver and gold at NYSSMA Majors for North Shore

Silver and gold at NYSSMA Majors for North Shore
Musicians from North Shore High School. (Photo courtesy of North Shore Schools)

Congratulations to our North Shore musicians!

Ms. Dalia Rodriguez, Director of Fine and Performing Arts said, “North Shore’s ensembles did very well at the NYSSMA Majors! Strings brought home silver and our band and chorus’ brought home golds. I am super proud of their accomplishments given the restrictions placed upon them during the height of the pandemic. Thank you to everyone for supporting the program and making this possible.”

The students from the high school Concert Chorale and Madrigal singers include Emma Bajdechi, Kevin Becker, Gianna Bertolini, Ella Blumenthal, Nathaniel Brower, Kaitlyn Correa, Mia Crocco, Norah Davison, Emerson Drew, John Drew, Neda Fellows, Elena Frangos, Veronica Frank, Alison Friedman, Maiko Giannakis, Axel Glatt, Christopher Goslin, Anhie Janelidze, Trevor Janusas, Alonzo Marte, Bella Martocci, Gabby Mehraban, Liam Nacinovich, Loretta Nester, Madison O’Donnell, Polina Oleynikova, Melissa Palmetto, Cristina Patetsios, John Rasizzi, Summer Rice, Ryaan Sabooni, Madelyn Samtani, Ginger Sanborn, Gregory Saridakis, Erin Schoenhofen, Oliver Schweiger, Henry Spina, Aidan Tandy, Liam Tandy, Parker Trager, Norimi Truskinovsky, Isabella Visintainer, Mia Wasniewski, Caroline Winchester, Ava Winter, Jojo Winter, Ian Zhan, and Connie Zhang.

Congratulations to all!

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