Students learn the history of music at John Lewis Childs

Students learn the history of music at John Lewis Childs
John Lewis Childs School students Julia Gorry, left, Yaslin Avila, center, and Keira McElligott performed an original rap for their classmates. (Photos courtesy of the Floral Park-Bellerose School District)

Sixth-grade students at John Lewis Childs School are studying different genres of music under the guidance of music teacher Chelsea Stern.

The students recently learned about hip hop music, including where it came from, how it started and how it’s an accessible art form, especially for those living in inner cities and impoverished areas. Stern discussed the connection of rap music with poetry and acknowledged that some students had misconceptions about the music, including that the lyrics had to be explicit.

Joseph Scarapicchia, left, Thomas Salotti, center, and Timothy Talty were all smiles as they performed their rap for classmates.

Students were tasked with creating their own original raps. The class broke into groups and wrote a rap about themselves, which incorporated at least one example of assonance, as well as alliteration. The raps had to rhyme and make sense.

At the end of the class, students went to the front of the room and performed their raps for their classmates.

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