Swap the Biz, NYC networking group, comes to Long Island

Swap the Biz, NYC networking group, comes to Long Island
Swap the Biz breakfast business meeting.

Swap the Biz, a professional networking group based in Manhattan, has recently expanded to Lake Success on Long Island.

Swap the Biz is a business networking organization that focuses in social connections. The organization believes that developing deals should come from friendships before business relationships.

“Trust is what we need in business for things to flow” Scott Eisenberg, founder and CEO of Swap the Biz, said.

This is opposite of most traditional networking institutions that focus on hard selling businesses immediately. The focus of Swap the Biz is on the personal relationships between people.

The Lake Success group has started and meets at Abrams Fensterman law firm, 3 Dakota Drive in New Hyde Park, the first Friday of each month for breakfast from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. The next meeting for the Lake Success group is Friday, Nov. 2.

Continuing Swap the Biz’s expansion into Long Island, a Melville networking group also started last month and will be meeting the third Tuesday of every month.

For more information on Swap The Biz, call (917)306-6618 or email [email protected].

Swap the Biz has populated it with business professionals that are motivated by philanthropic endeavors.

‘Philanthropic’ often translates into actions as well as dollars. Equally important is that they have built a community and defined it by the standards of goodness, Eisenberg said.

The main format of the meetings is to do interactive exercises that are socially focused. As Eisenberg describes them, “the exercises are designed to learn about each other, so that we can humanize the networking… we like to develop a relationship into a friendship which then creates the trust that we all seek in business and then the referrals can just flow and get deals done.”

At a recent meeting, the discussion topic question posed by Eisenberg was, what philanthropic endeavors are you involved in or would you like to be involved in?

Deborah Eisenberg, the group’s president said, “Learning about people’s business just makes it easy, fun and natural to connect and ultimately refer business.”

The ideals of philanthropy and giving of your own personal time attracts many to the organization, Scott Eisenberg said, not to mention that Swap the Biz is made up of many of the thought leaders in business across all industries.

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