Town hosts CarFit program for seniors

Town hosts CarFit program for seniors
Council Member Zuckerman with representatives from AAA at the Town’s CarFit event. (Photo courtesy of the Town of North Hempstead)

North Hempstead Council Member Peter Zuckerman was proud to join representatives from the American Occupational Therapy Association, AAA Northeast and the Town’s Department of Services for the Aging on April 27 for a CarFit program.

The program was offered free of charge to individuals, including those who reside outside of the town, who are age 60 and over at Clinton G. Martin Park in New Hyde Park.

CarFit is a program designed to help seniors achieve a better fit with their vehicle for optimal safety and comfort while driving. A 12-point CarFit checklist was reviewed with participants while in their own vehicle, including adjusting mirrors to reduce blind spots, seat belt use and steering wheel tilt.

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