Veronica Lurvey endorses Christine Liu for North Hempstead’s 4th District

Veronica Lurvey endorses Christine Liu for North Hempstead’s 4th District

Veronica Lurvey, Councilmember and candidate for Receiver of Taxes in the Town of North Hempstead offers her wholehearted endorsement to community leader Christine Liu to succeed her in representing District 4 in the Town of North Hempstead.

Lurvey states, “I am pleased to endorse Christine Liu for Town Council. She has the experience, integrity, and dedication to represent the people of our community in District 4 and all of North Hempstead.  As an attorney for the Department of Homeland Security, Police Commissioner Community Council Member and NCPD Citizen’s Police Academy Graduate she has earned the highest level of trust to secure our community.  Christine Liu understands how to protect and defend our community.”

In response, Liu states, “I appreciate the support from Councilmember Lurvey.  I am dedicated to ensuring that District 4 and the Town of North Hempstead remain safe and secure for all residents.  There is nothing more important than continuing the work of Councilmember Lurvey to keep North Hempstead a wonderful community in which to live, work, and play.”

Christine Liu works closely with local law enforcement agencies and community organizations to address concerns, prevent crime, and foster a sense of security in our neighborhoods.   As an attorney, Christine was Assistant Chief Counsel for the US Department of Homeland Security and works for Assemblywoman Gina Sillitti to resolve constituent issues.  She has served as a leader in the PTA, a little league coach, and a Girl Scout leader. Christine is the Vice Chair of the Nassau County Asian American Advisory Council. She is the founder and president of the Herricks Chinese Association. She has organized rallies, peace vigils and self-defense classes to combat anti-Asian hate throughout the Town and County.

Lurvey has served Council District 4 in the Town of North Hempstead since 2019.  During her tenure she reduced taxes and increased services throughout the community.  She enacted ethics training and supports honest and accountability in our government.

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